Suburban living in front,

country living in back

Mosaic is located a few minutes from the Mille Iles river, adjacent to a very large wooded area and minutes from the Ste-Rose commuter train station. Your new townhouse will offer the comfort of modern living in a home next to nature.

Large Patio

The very large patio is the full width of your house. The large patio doors communicate with the kitchen to create a private, friendly and welcoming outdoor space for your family and friends.


14′ X 14′ 3″ (4.27m x 4.34m) The large open-concept kitchen has and island with sink and room for four chairs.  There is a convenient wash room and a handy separate laundry room adjacent to the kitchen.  The well planned kitchen allows plenty of light through the large patio doors overlooking the green space behind your home.

Living space

Styles A and D
Elegant open concept living space 18′-6″ x 17′-9″  (5.6m x 5.4m). Plenty of room to entertain and relax with family and friends.

Styles B and C
Elegant open concept living space 16′-6″ x 18′-3″  (5.0m x 5.5m). Plenty of room to entertain and relax with family and friends.

Master Bedroom

In Styles B and C
Second floor Large Master bedroom 16′-2″ X 11′-7″ (4.9m X 3.5m) with 11 foot wide closet

In Styles A and D
Second floor Large Master bedroom  12′-9″ x 10′-3″  (3.9m X 3.12m) with elegant walk-in closet with natural outdoor lighting.


In styles B and C
Second floor Bedroom-2: 12′-9″ x 12′-7″ (3.9m x 3.8m) plus a large built-in closet

In styles A and D
Second floor Bedroom-2: 9′-3″ x 9′-2″ (2.82m x 2.8m) plus alarge built-in closet
Second floor Bedroom-3: 8′-9″ x 9′-3″ (2.7m x 2.83m) plus a large built-in closet


In styles A and D
Ground floor Bedroom or den  14′-1″ x 11′-4″ (4.3m x 4.4m) plus in suite bathroom

In styles B and C
Ground floor Bedroom or den  18′-7″ x 11′-4″ (5.7m x 3.5m) plus in suite bathroom


Full bathroom on the second floor with his and hers sinks, large comfortable bathtub and a separate shower stall.

First floor has a washroom with sink and toillet

Ground floor has a bathroom with sink, toilet and large shower stall.


Take a look at the available units of Phase I.  Call today to confirm availability and set up an appointment to view your new home.  You can view the floor plans of any unit by simply clicking on the unit number in the table below

PhaseUnitGarageBedroomsSq FtAvailable
4B-45In Back42027yes
1K-03In Back42003yes
3J-38In Back42003yes
2I-23In Back42003yes
2F-14In Back42003yes
3E-33In Back42003yes
3D-29In Back42003yes
4C-44In Back42003yes
4B-48In Back42003yes
1A-07In Back42003yes
1H-08In Front42064yes
2G-18In Front42007yes
3J-36In Back31980yes
2I-21In Back31980yes
2F-13In Back31980yes
3E-32In Back31980yes
3D-28In Back31980yes
3D-26In Back31980yes
4C-43In Back31980yes
4C-41In Back31980yes
4B-47In Back31980yes
1A-06In Back31980yes
2G-17In Front32028yes
1K-02In Back31980
3J-37In Back31980yes
3J-35In Back31980yes
2I-22In Back31980yes
2I-20In Back31980yes
2F-12In Back31980yes
3E-31In Back31980yes
3D-27In Back31980yes
3D-25In Back31980yes
4C-42In Back31980yes
4C-40In Back31980yes
4B-46In Back31980yes
1A-05In Back31980yes
1H-09In Front32028yes
2G-16In Front32028yes
1K-01In Back42027yes
3J-34In Back42027yes
2I-19In Back42027yes
2F-11In Back42027yes
3E-30In Back32027yes
3D-24In Back42027yes
4C-39In Back42027yes
1A-04In Back42027yes
1H-10In Front42007yes
2G-15In Front42064yes