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PhaseUnitGarageBedroomsSq FtAvailable
1A-04In Back42027yes
1A-05In Back31980yes
1A-06In Back31980yes
1A-07In Back42003yes
2B-45In Back42027yes
2B-46In Back31980yes
2B-47In Back31980yes
2B-48In Back42003NO
2C-39In Back42027yes
2C-40In Back31980yes
2C-41In Back31980yes
2C-42In Back31980yes
2C-43In Back31980yes
2C-44In Back42003yes
2D-24In Back42027yes
2D-25In Back31980yes
2D-26In Back31980yes
2D-27In Back31980yes
2D-28In Back31980yes
2D-29In Back42003yes
1E-30In Back32027yes
1E-31In Back31980yes
1E-32In Back31980yes
1E-33In Back42003yes
1F-11In Back42027yes
1F-12In Back31980yes
1F-13In Back31980yes
1F-14In Back42003yes
1G-15In Front42064NO
1G-16In Front32028NO
1G-17In Front32028yes
1G-18In Front42007yes
1H-08In Front42064NO
1H-09In Front32028NO
1H-10In Front42007NO
1I-19In Back42027NO
1I-20In Back31980yes
1I-21In Back31980NO
1I-22In Back31980NO
1I-23In Back42003NO
2J-34In Back42027yes
2J-35In Back31980yes
2J-36In Back31980yes
2J-37In Back31980yes
2J-38In Back42003yes
1K-01In Back42027yes
1K-02In Back31980
1K-03In Back42003NO

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